1. D

    Member Link Up Central Cali Hide Members / San Joaquin Valley

    Any other hide members around these parts? I like to shoot with other people, helps me learn. I have exclusive access to 1000-1200 yards and would be open to others shooting here as well. The berms on the 600-1000 yard range are not that tall, so I would ask that you know your dope close enough...
  2. P

    Any long range rifle shooting near San Antonio, TX

    I was wondering if any of you South Texas guys knew of a range that has 400+ yard shooting near San Antonio. I used to have a great spot on 80 acres near Karnes City but the land was sold when my Grandfather passed away several years ago. Now I'm stuck with 100 yard ranges.
  3. AustinTXMarine

    Gunsmithing Any good Gunsmith recommendations for San Jose?

    My friend needs some work done on a 700, muzzle break install, stock work, etc. Anyone know a good gunsmith in San Jose, CA? I live in Austin and don't want to have to worry about shipping, FFLs, etc.
  4. J

    Looking 4 a few of CCI250 & Fed215 in San Diego

    Looking for a couple of CCI 250 and Fed 215 primers to test in San Diego. I've heard that magnum primers perform well with some powders like Varget, and I would like to test a couple with RL15. I am just looking for like 20-50ish primers to support my test. Please let me know if you have any...
  5. Dino

    Member Link Up San Antonio shooters?

    Anybody in San Antonio around here?