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  1. C

    Optics NF Atacr 7-35 mil-c SFP S&B 5-25 PMII p4l fine

    Got these as part of a trade and don’t need them. 1. Nightforce Atacr 7-35 SFP MIL-C Glass is super clean, couple marks here and there on the body, elevation cap missing? No original box/paperwork. $2200 shipped 2. S&B PMII 5-25 P4L fine ccw Glass is super clean, body has marks from ring...
  2. C

    SOLD WTS Schmdit 5-25x56

    Catch and release for me. Too much scope for my stick. I don't have the original box but will come in a s&b box. $2200 shipped. Cross posted. 5-25x56 PM II LP P4L 1cm cw DT/ST 677-911-942-94-67 Slight ring mark on the bottom and the usual wear on the turrets. Otherwise in great condition!
  3. carbonbased

    Re:S&B prices - Any foreign exchange traders on here?

    So, Schmidt und Bender’s has absurd USA pricing as of 10/12/22. We all know that. In a ten year timeframe, the worst the dollar has been against the euro is $1 = €0.72, or €1 = $1.39. The dollar was weak. But the Euro is currently about $1 = €1.03, or €0.97 = $1. The dollar is strong, and...
  4. Vinnie45ACP


    I have a Tangent Theta Model TT525P Professional Marksman 5-25x56mm Illum. 34mm .1 MRAD Gen 3 XR Reticle w/toolless re-zero for sale.***NO TRADES*** Turrets are perfect, and Glass is pristine. Excellent scope, just not for me. $3800 $3750, $3680.00 TYD, PayPal F/F, check, Money order. First I’ll...
  5. AIAW

    SOLD S&B 5-25x56 PM-II MTC RAL8000 - MSR Reticle

    Schmidt and Bender 5-25x56. .1 MIL adjustment. Glass is mint, faint ring marks. A few finish marks as pictured, nothing major (see pictures, I am very thorough in describing and visualizing what you are purchasing). Original box, manuals, everything. Comes with Tenebraex covers. Tracking tested...
  6. Voltron

    Optics Sold

    I have for sale a beautiful like new S&B PM2 with an H59 reticle. I bought this scope new from Eurooptics.com about year and a half ago. The scope and lenses are in excellent condition with no scratches or blemishes visiable to me. I have looked through the scope several times out of the...
  7. Fireman JB

    SOLD ZCO527 MPCT2 with Extras

    ZCO 527 MPCT2 for sale. Comes with everything seen except my flag patch. $3500 SOLD NLE mod done in Feb 22 (also checked over and cleaned) Tenebraex caps ZCO neoprene cover ZCO bikini caps ZCO sunshade Scope chap protector Purchaser gets first dibs on the spuhr mount for an extra $250. Mounts...
  8. Hippy_Steve

    SOLD Accuracy International AT, left handed, folder, sage green, 6.5 creed

    I just don't have the time to shoot anymore, and this gun shouldn't sit in a safe for 364 days out of the year, so I'm selling it to someone that wants to shoot it. This sale geared towards hide members in the PNW, because honestly I don't want to deal with shipping everything. left handed AT...
  9. AIAW

    SOLD S&B 5-25x56 PM-II Pantone 7504M - LRR-MIL Reticle

    Very lightly used S&B 5-25x56. .1 MIL adjustment. It’s practically brand new. Needless to say, excellent condition, glass is mint, very, very faint ring marks. Original box, manuals, everything. Bonus: comes with Tenebraex covers. Let me know if you have any questions. Absolutely zero trades...
  10. AIAW

    SOLD SPF: S&B 5-25x56 RAL8000 - H59 Reticle

    Very lightly used S&B 5-25x56. Excellent condition, glass is mint, very faint ring marks. Original box, manuals, everything. Bonus: comes with matching Tenebraex covers. Let me know if you have any questions. Absolutely zero trades. $3600 - shipped and insured. Will accept PayPal Friends and...
  11. AIAW

    SOLD New S&B 3-27x56 High Power - LRR-MIL Reticle - .05 MIL Turrets

    Sadly, never even used. Does no good sitting in a safe! If I recall, these has 36 MILs of internal elevation travel, adjustable in .05 MIL increments (not .1 MIL increments). For serious long range work where doubled fidelity is key. Bonus: comes with matching Tenebraex covers. Let me know if...
  12. Speedjunkie

    SOLD Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25x56 Gen2XR LP DT

    Hi Guys, I have a AS NEW S&B PMII 5-25x56 scope for sale. I bought this a while ago. It sat NIB for quite some time (believe it or not, I actually forgot I had it). While doing some reorganizing, I found it and recently mounted it in a Near Alphamount. It has never seen a round fired, only...
  13. NorskeFjord

    Optics WTS: (Price Drop) Schmidt & Bender 3-20x50 PMII Ultra Short (SOLD)

    This S&B scope is new in box. 1/4 MOA MTC Locking CCW. P4FL Reticle, 2nd Focal Plane, Illuminated. Tenabreax covers included. I can provide industry references. 2,700.00 OBO.
  14. bdubb

    SOLD FS: Schmidt Bender (S&B) 5-25x56 PMII

    For sale is a used S&B PMII scope. This scope has seen some match use and has a couple minor marks on the body of the scope (as pictured) but is otherwise in great condition in regards to appearance and function. 5-25x56 PM II LP GRID DT LT / ST ZC LT 677-911-422-B2-A8B03 SN: 1705647 The...
  15. RegularGuy461969

    Optics For Sale - S&B PMII 668-911-952-B8-B4 3-20x50 LP Klein 1cm Scope Package

    For Sale - S&B PMII 668-911-952-B8-B4 3-20x50 LP Klein 1cm Scope Package. Asking $2200 and buyer pays shipping of their choice. I accept USPS Money Orders, Paypal F&F no txt and/or Zelle. I have excellent feedback on GunBroker and HKPro. under this same handle. I received this with a Surgeon...
  16. Chrisbeck17

    Optics WTS: Schmidt and Bender PM2 5-25x56 with NEAR MFG alpha mount and hard lens covers

  17. L

    Rifle Scopes New March HM vs S&B

    Hi everyone, I need your feedback to make a decision, so here's my question : If ruggedness and tracking is your only concern, what would you choose between the new March HM 5-42x56 and the S&B PMII 4-45x56 ? I already tried a March scope so i know that i won't be disappointed by the glass, but...
  18. Tactically_Advantangeous

    Optics WTS Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25x56 H-59 RAL800

    Selling off the rest of my kit. Took this off the rifle I sold. FS Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25x56 H-59 RAL800-Tan Also will be selling the Spuhr SP-4601 as well. Will sell individually as well. Paid $4200 3 years ago. Since the going rate has gone down quite a bit. I'll let go for $2900 OBO For...
  19. P

    WTB Accuracy international Axmc

    Hi guys , Looking for an Axmc preferably in dark earth in 300wm ,It could be a complete package with optic , mount , conversion kits etc or just stand alone rifle . For optics preferably s&b - tangent theta - zero compromise . Thanks Pete
  20. tylerw02

    AI AX308 260 Rem, S&B

    ‘12 Accuracy International AX with AINA .260 Remington threaded barrel, this thing is a tack driver. A little barrel rash from competitions, but in overall great shape. Comes with original box. Sphur IDSM S&B 5-25 CCW DT 5-25x56 H2CMR, perfect glass. Whole package shipped to your FFL from...