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scope accessories

  1. Prsshooter25

    Accessories WTS Badger Ordnance Rings 35mm

    WTS badger ordnance “low” 35mm rings. Actually measurement is 1.00”. Shipping included: $100.00
  2. Jedidiah Coon

    Optics ZCO 527 MPCT3x 15 mil NLE (with Aadland caps, MKM level, ZCO rings)

    For sale is a used Zero Compromise 5-27 with MPCT 3x reticle and 15 mil/rev Non-Locking Elevation turret. Scope has less than 100 rounds under it. Some minor nicks/dings including: small spot on bell as well as parallax knob, scuff near 4mil (L) on windage turret, and minor mark on coating from...
  3. Prsshooter25

    Accessories WTS Tier One scope mounts

    I’ve got two tier one scope mounts laying around that I’m trying to sell. 1. 30mm long saddle monomount. Like new condition (other than a couple sharpie witness marks). 0 MOA, 1.18”. Comes with box. $275 2. 34mm short saddle monomount. Like new. 0 MOA, 1.5”. No box. $250 Shipping...
  4. Prsshooter25

    Optics WTS Tier One Scope Mounts

    I’ve got two tier one scope mounts laying around that I’m trying to sell. 1. 30mm long saddle monomount. Like new condition (other than a couple sharpie witness marks). 0 MOA, 1.18”. Comes with box. $275 2. 34mm short saddle monomount. Like new. 0 MOA, 1.5”. No box. $250 Shipping...
  5. Prsshooter25

    SOLD WTS nightforce, leupold, and tier one scope mounts

    WTS a few extra mounts I have laying around to fund parts for a new build. Sold my chassis rifles, so I am needing lower mount heights. 1. 34mm nightforce ultra mount with bridge. Ultra mount is black, bridge is tan. 1.54” - $375 2. Leupold IMS unimount. 35mm. 1.50”. Never used. New in box...
  6. iMarvin

    SOLD Budget to Mid-tier scope sale

    Wanting to upgrade the scope on my main match rifle so these safe queens got to go! All of them have less than 5 range trips each. Prices include shipping. I WILL NOT PM YOU FIRST. BEWARE OF SCAMMERS! 1. Bushnell XRS3 6-36x56 G4P MIL - Mount/Red dot/Cole-tac NOT included - $1000 Shipped (has...
  7. Lngrange Hntr

    SOLD SOLD - MKM 36mm Bubble Level

    SOLD-MK Machining 36mm Ultra Low-Profile Billet Scope Level $35 Shipped. PayPal F&F for the form of payment.
  8. SniperCook

    SOLD Leupold Mark 5 PR2 MRADwith scope mount

    Leupold Mark5 5x25 pr2 reticle with MDT one piece mount ask for 1900 plus shipping
  9. Z

    Rifle Scopes Flip up covers

    I am looking for some flip covers for my scope. I have had a really hard time finding any good quality covers from other manufacturers that will fit what I have, including the scope’s maker. I have a Zeiss Conquest V4, 4-16x44, ZMOAi-T30. The manufacturers I have already looked into are...
  10. M

    Accessories Leupold mark 6 IMS 35mm one piece 20moa mount NIB**price drop**

    Leupold mark 6 IMS 35mm one piece 20moa mount NIB $210 TYD
  11. LongRange98

    Optics Nightforce ATCR 7-35x56

    Up for sale Nightforce ATACR 7-35X56 F2 with mil c reticle. Nightforce rings and bubble level will be included along with original box and tools. $2200 shipped.
  12. J

    Accessories WTS / WTT Vortex 35mm High Scope Rings

    Willing to trade my Vortex 35mm High rings, for a set of low or mediums of equivalent price range. Sell ask at $90. Thanks!
  13. T

    SOLD WTS: Badger Ordnance Metal Bottoms, Scope Bases, Scope Rings, and more

    Selling a few items I no longer need. (SOLD) Badger Ordnance M5 DBM Detachable Magazine Triggerguard LA Win Mag, Item # 306-83 - New, Open Box Asking: $265.00 + shipping (SOLD) Badger Ordnance M4 Triggerguard SA, Item # 306-02 - Used Asking: $150.00 (SOLD) Badger Ordnance Remington SA Scope...
  14. Dvando20

    Rifle Scopes What mount is this?

    Any idea what this beastly mount is? Almost looked like a Hawkins Heavy Tactical but the cutouts on the underside of the rings aren't the same. I am not big on recreating TV guns but this mount looks like it could survive an A-bomb. *SEAL TEAM photos curteousy of Google.
  15. R

    Gunsmithing Swapped scope mounts, now my elevation tops out. Help!

    Hello all its my first post, wasn't sure if this pertains to Gunsmithing since its just a mount swap but here we go. I have an AR10 that I swapped out mounts from a Leupold AR mount with no cant to a Griffin Armament cantilever SPRM2 15moa cant. I mounted it myself and torqued all the fastners...
  16. G

    Rifle Scopes What scope rings should I get?

    Hi everyone this is my first post so I hope I’m posting this in the right location. I just purchased a 30mm Nightforce nx8 and I’m putting it on a Seekins havoc ph2 with a 20 moa rail and I’ve been wondering what rings I should get or if I should get a mount for it like a cantilever. And what...
  17. Tactically_Advantangeous

    Accessories **SOLD** WTS SPUHR SP-4601

    WTS SPUHR SP-4601 It's been cerakoted with a distressed look as part of another one of my rifles. It's in perfect working condition, only selling since I have sold off most of toys already and it's not on anything anymore. Looking to get $325 Shipped OBO Let me know. Thanks for your interest.
  18. ridein4life

    Rifle Scopes 30mm scope rings on Savage FCP-SR

    Hello, im new to the board and am on my first build. ive read threw the forum for many hours and hears what i decided to start with. Savage model 10 FCP-SR .308, with PWS PRC muzzle brake and a Viper PST 6-24x50 FFP with EBR-2C Reticle (MRAD) or EBR-1. any advice on good quality scope rings i...
  19. A

    Rifle Scopes Uknown Scope Accessory

    hey, got a quick question on an unknown scope accessory that I saw on the internet, and was hoping someone could answer it for me? What is strapped to the side of the scope towards the eyepiece? Any help with this would be a appreciated