1. Hasgun Willtravel

    Rifle Scopes Ranging UKD /Precision Milling / Cheat sheets

    I am kicking myself in the butt for not thinking to do this last time I was at the 1000 yard range, and may have to make a trip down there to do this, and not even fire a round. I am regretting not making a cheat sheet, so to speak, of known size targets, at various ranges, and the MILs that...
  2. mark5pt56

    Nu finish and dryer sheets

    I haven't tumbled brass in a while and since the last time I saw a tip. I took a dryer sheet and tore it into 3-4 pieces and drizzled some Nu Finish car polish onto the brass--wow! The dust is cut down to almost nothing and the brass really shines-better than new. Anyhow, just passing it...
  3. T

    Range Report Ranging Cheat Sheets

    <span style="font-weight: bold">************************************************************************************** Thanks to another member he caught a mistake. When I was coping over the fields from my spread sheet and adding them to the PDF I copied the wrong field. I will make the changes...