1. 03psd

    Gunsmithing Simple Drill & Tap + Barrel Thread: Who?

    With all the great custom builders out there doing full custom builds, is there anyone decent who still does relatively simple gunsmithing but with high quality? I dont mind a reasonable wait but dont think it should take as long as a full custom job either. Someone must have this niche covered...
  2. M

    Advanced Marksmanship A simple sling/bipod method

    Here's a simple method of employing a basic M16 combat sling to yield added support in the offhand/kneeling positions, and significant downward/rearward pressure with the bipod in sitting or prone. This can help reduce bipod hop with some of the lighter rifles, and aid in self spotting. Basic...
  3. Bigwheels

    Advanced Marksmanship Simple formula for MOA?

    Is there a simple formula for ranging with MOA as there is for MIL's? ie. target size in inches X ? divided by moa observed. I know I can just round down to 1", & divide it, but to be more accurate than that?