1. Justgoingdownrange87

    Reloading Equipment WTB: Sinclair mandrel die 17-338

    As mentioned In the title, I’m looking to buy a Sinclair mandrel die. Also looking for a expander mandrel for a 308, preferably .002 under bullet diameter. Can’t find one in stock so I’m turning to the hide!
  2. S

    K&M, Harrel"s, Sinclair Arbor Presses?

    K&M, Sinclair, and Harrel's arbor presses are small, light, portable, precise... Benchresters have used these types at the range for portability and precision for quite some time. My query is for those who have or have seen them in action, which has the most admirable features and best...
  3. shooter65

    Sinclair Arbor press

    Anyone have a step by step on how to set one up?
  4. Y

    Sinclair International has Varget 0800 7-14-09

    I just talked to them & they confirmed my order & said they had a good supply.
  5. Stringer

    Sinclair has S&B rifle primers 6/15

    Sinclair has S&B small and large rifle. small large
  6. P

    Sm & Lg Rifle Primers at Sinclair 5/22

    as of midnight 5/21/09 Sinclair International has Sellier & Bellot Small Rifle Primers as well as Sellier & Bellot Large Rifle Primers -psywar
  7. JLM

    Sinclair's New Bump Gauge.....

    Well, I can't seem to resist the 'shiny' stuff in Sinclair's catalog so I decided to order one of their new Shoulder Bump Gauges in .30 cal to try out. Up until now I have been using the Hornady LNL Cartridge Headspace Set, which is a GREAT tool for measuring shoulder bump. Intuitive and easy...