1. Snaz

    SOLD WTS: Speer Gold Dots & SMKs

    Speer 9mm 147gr Gold dots 5x100/CT unopened boxes **THIS NOT LOADED AMMUNITION!!** Asking DISCREET PayPal flat rate shipping included: F&F: $175 G&S: $182 6.5mm 130gr Sierra Matchkings 3x100/CT 2 unopened, 1 opened box **THIS NOT LOADED AMMUNITION!!** Asking DISCREET PayPal flat rate...
  2. cypriss32

    Corbon 175gr SMKS COAL

    It appears the old thread that had the info about how corbon loads there 175gr 7mm SMKS in 7wsm was deleted. I need to find out there COAL because I lost my 7wsm load paper at the range today. It flew away in the wind
  3. SN13

    SMKs in FL?

    Anyone know of a place that stocks Sierra Match Kings in various Caliblers (.270) to be specific in Florida? Bradenton/Sarasota area? Fort Lauderdale? I need some ASAP! Thanks!
  4. E

    Hunting & Fishing 155 smks for hunting

    Ok since we have talked about the amaxs for hunting,who has used 155 smk for deer and what about 77gr smk in 223 for deer.
  5. M

    190 smks for .308

    was wondering if anyone shoots the 190s for long distance or is it just not needed over the 175
  6. H

    Why IMR 4895 over IMR 4064 for 175 SMKs?

    I've seen a lot of talk lately about different powders being used in .308 and with Varget, I'm not feeling the love with 175 SMKs in my rig. There seems to be quite a bit of talk about IMR 4895 as opposed to 4064 and I was wondering why? I would like to use 4064 as I have it on hand but I am...