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    Rifle Scopes USO slimline knobs on the SN-4 1.5-6, perfection

    USO just sent me my new SN-4 1.5-6 with the slimline knobs. I originally ordered it with the zeroing knobs. This was my mistake and mine alone. The great people at USO....thanks Jeff, made my dumb ass happy as can be by working out a swap. I won't go into details but by now you all know how...
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    Rifle Scopes USO SN-4 owners chime in please...

    Have any of you SN-4 owners noticed the amount of light projected out the objective end of the scope using the illuminated reticle...even on low powers? I was messing with mine at night and noticed that it's light up like a christmas tree. Was going to try using a sacrificial PVS-14 lense to...