1. Nebulous

    Break Rotor (heavy) LoP Spacers

    Since we are all hunkered down for Covid 19 I figured I would put together a little DIY for making your own heavy butt-pad spacer from an old break rotor. Tools: Angle grinder c-clamps...
  2. 19Scout77

    Gunsmithing Adding 1/2" Spacer to McM A3

    I need to add 1/2" LOP to a McM A3, but do not have time to send it to AZ for a spacer, and don't want a thicker recoil pad type spacer. Was thinking about machining a piece of plastic and glueing it between the pad and stock. And belt-sanding it to shape. Has anybody gone this route? If so...
  3. Luvman

    McM A5 LOP spacer retofit

    I've got an A5 that came on a sav 10FCP I'd like to have the LOP spacer added to it. I emailed McM but haven't heard back. is there anyone else that can do it? thanks, LM
  4. 19Scout77

    Buttplate spacer on HTG ??

    I need a little more LOP on my HTG. Anybody have the buttplate spacer set-up on an HTG? If so please post a pic of two. Thanks.
  5. wnroscoe

    Gunsmithing Removing AI Magazine Spacer Plate

    I know to remove the spot welds in a Mill but is there a thread on this. I've used the search but cant seem to find it. Thanks.
  6. Niles Coyote

    Mcmillan spacer system

    Anybody know what a standard factory pull lengths adjusts from and to, on a spacer system if no length of pull was specified.
  7. ArmedByRuger

    scope ring spacer

    Hi, Is it a bad idea to add a thin spacer to a rear scope ring so that it has a slight downward angle maximizing the up elevation travel for long range shots. I have heard about this being done on the Army's new M110 SPR's...