1. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD BULLETS: 6mm / 243 , 30 cal, 7mm - Hornady, Nosler, Speer

    Doing some cleaning- got some projectiles looking for a new home. **Open to splitting up lots** 6mm / 243 Bullets Speer Boat Tail Soft Point 85gr: 64 ct Speer Boat Tail Soft Point 85gr (Lot 2): 63 ct Speer Varmint Hollow Point 75gr: 81 ct Speer Hot-Cor 90gr: 90 ct Speer Hot-Cor 90gr (Lot 2)...
  2. C

    Speer 125 grain and IMR 4895 suggestions???

    I just picked up some speer 30 cal 125 GR hollow point "TNT" rounds for my .308 for some coyote and squirell hunting... I have some IMR 4895 right now,federal cases and federal primers any suggested powder weight for this round I couldn't find anything in my books... Thanks!!!
  3. D

    Speer 50gr. TNT bullet and 700P ?

    Anyone use the 50gr TNT in a 1 in 12 twist 700p? Midway has them on sale cheep and might have to give them a try. My stash of Berg 52 and Nos 52's are low and I'm interested if you used these and how they did. All imput welcome. Donald