1. Oddball Six

    Sponsor Dashboard Page

    Ll, would like to suggest as an added value to your sponsors, a sticky thread in each forum that lists the sponsor name ana link to them for that area. Sponsors can chose up to X forums to show up in the listing for. Plus a dashboard style page somewhere on the site that lists the sponsors...
  2. lowlight

    Welcome new Sponsor

    Like to Welcome Murphy Precision, you may see the banner in the forum, stop by and see what they have to offer Hide Members
  3. EnforcerOfLaw

    Fieldcraft Self Sponsor Training!!!

    I know there are many sniper schools that you can self sponsor through arround America. I have heard of Gunsight in Arizona and a few others!! I am going to start training with our County Sheriff's Office Sniper team soon (if I can get the days off to coincide) I was wandering however what other...