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    Gunsmithing Bolt Sticking Problem

    Just finished my Remmy 700 build the other day and Took it out shooting. After Fireing a round the bolt will stick at the very top when opening. At first I thought it could be the Sako extractor but i did some work on that and it didnt seem to help. Ive used several diffrent loads with it ( By...
  2. E

    Gunsmithing brass sticking in chamber

    I have a GAP 308 I purchased from another member here. Very nice rifle. One caveat, My loads seem to stick in the chamber after firing.These are my "general loads" for everything I own 308. Some here have said that they are too hot. I'm not sure. These same loads function flawless in my match...
  3. T

    Gunsmithing 700 Bolt stop sticking!

    Brand new, no dirt or anything. Looks like the piece is sticking on the trigger. The stop it self seems to move freely. Any suggestions? Thanks!