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  1. Lowlight

    Sniper's Hide PVC Patches "Global Design" Available Now !

    The Sniper's Hide Global PVC Patch is now available ! 3" PVC Patch with Velcro Looping on the Back In the SH Store for $9 plus $1 S&H We currently have a bunch available with more coming ...
  2. N

    3 store bought or.. a custom??

    Im again contemplating buying a "sniper" rifle.. I have these options, all in 308: AI AW TRG-22 SSG 3000 or a custom Rem 700 or Howa action. Custom action not an option! Now, here is the deal.. cost. In my currency: AI AW: $7700 TRG-22: $4600 SSG 3000: $3000 Custom: aprox $3000 This does...
  3. N

    Rifle Scopes Woo Hoo Hensoldts are in the store..

    We have finally recieved the Hensoldts. If anyone is interested in one pm me..