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    Suarez Tactical Rifle (STR) value for insurance?

    Hey, just trying to get a ballpark on what my custom STR is worth. We are having our insurance quoted through USAA and while I'm not going to insure all my firearms (not that many Uncle Sam), I do want to insure a couple of the ones that have some value. I purchased this STR from the Hide...
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    Optics SOLD - Swarovski - STR 80 MRAD W/25-50X W Eyepiece

    $3100 Shipped and Insured - CONUS and PP only. No trades please. This has only been used a few times and have been well taken care of. Never seen rain or harsh environments. I am sure you are familiar with this optic, but has an illuminated MRAD reticle that can be turned on or off. Comes...
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    Anyone have any Sig 970 STR Performance Feedback?

    Hello, I just purchased a Sig 970 STR in 300 Win Mag. The rifle surprisingly has never been fire, so I couldn't ask the previous owner how it does. So, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this particular rifle. From what I can tell so far, it seems like it will be a pretty good...
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    Remington 700LTR versus HS Precision STR

    Is HS Precision's STR $2000 better than Remington's LTR? Thanks.
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    SIG STR 970

    Hey guys, noob here to the forum. Have been lurking for some time, and have read a lot of interesting and informative threads. I have been wanting to get into the long range shooting for some time, and was considering a 700P, but came across A Sig STR 970 and couldnt pass on it. as a matter of...