1. T

    TVP Team/Individual Steel match Sunday Aug 16th

    Be here 9:00 a.m match starts at 10:00 a.m. $30 entry fee per person. 16 targets 4 positions, lots of fun. TVP
  2. T

    TVP 2 ManTEAM Steel Shoot August 9th SUNDAY ONLY

    Shooters, Our shoots wrap up in September so if you want to join in now is the time. Thanks, TVP
  3. K

    Photos Sunday In Paradise

    Utah at it's finest. Silver Lake up AF canyon Full size image
  4. Mr.Kirk

    Member Link Up match at Boyou this Sunday (TEXAS)

    Anybody going to shoot the 300yd match at Boyou this weekend?
  5. S

    Varget available 2:00 AM Sunday

    7 lbs remain here; ***ETA*** They've also got *some* primers available as well.
  6. C

    Sunday morning range time

    My son and I shot at 500 this morning. Very windy but a good day anyway. Been shooting our bench guns a lot lately but took out the TRG 42 338 Lapua and the 260AI this morning, forgot I had'nt loaded any 280AI so it got left at home. Trying out a new stand to hold the 2x4 armour plate that...
  7. S

    Odessa FV 200yd F-Class match Sunday the 19th

    Our next FV 200yd F-Class match is this Sunday the 19th. Registration begins at 9:00 AM and the first relay begins at 10:00 AM. $10 to`ll need at least 50 rounds of ammo to complete the match. (2 Relays) Thanks! Scott
  8. 9H_Cracka

    Member Link Up LAX/San Gabriel Sunday 3/15?

    I'll be in this area Sunday 3/15. Anybody want to have dinner? Plans are to take the shuttle from the airport at 5p to San Gabriel. If you give me a ride, dinner's on me. Or we could just meet up in the area.
  9. gorhamlit

    Photos Last Sunday

    NW-GA at a friends' place.