surgeon scalpel

  1. S

    WTS: Surgeon Scalpel 6.5CM, NF Beast, everything you need in one spot!

    Hello all, Closing out my long kit, time for this stuff to go to a good home as it's no good to me sitting here. Pics of everything can be found here - Pics are cool!! I'm selling everything as a complete kit. All y'all know how hard it can be to break stuff up. If you want a piece then buy...
  2. KillShot

    Suppressors Surgeon Scalpel .308 with Thunderbeast 30BA

    This is my first can and now I understand why other shooters say that once you've purchased one, it's never enough. Special thanks to Lowlight for advice on which can to purchase, to heytonyman for the rifle, and the guys at Thunderbeast Arms.
  3. Johnny Sasaki

    Photos Got the thunderbeast. :)

    Went to the range today with the new thunderbeast 30p-1. Love it. Quiet. Surgeon + TBAC + S&B 5-25 + SW Ammo = :) Also new mk18 mod0