1. L

    military surplus powders

    wideners has some RG4895...... anyone tried it..... rumor has it that IMR set this factory up?
  2. B

    Surplus 175 FMJ

    Has anyone used any surpluse .308 175 FMJ BT? If so how consistent/in-consistent and accurate is it? Worth pickin up or stick with A-max or SMK. I'll mostly be under 600 but want to take to 1000 thanks,
  3. Y

    Surplus brass not being sold anymore???

    I just heard today,that surplus brass will not be sold anymore. I thought that this was already was not going to be destroyed...but sold as always. Has the sale of sale brass been stopped??
  4. M

    match loads from surplus battle packs?

    hey yall, very new to reloading have a lot of questions but heres one. since components seem like a myth lately thanks to darkness, it ocurred to me that if one were so inclined they may be able to bullet pull some surplus NATO type rounds and reload with a 175 SMK for an improvised "m118 lr"...
  5. JRose

    .50 cal surplus brass

    I have a friend wanting to give me couple hundred spent .50 cases. They have crimped primers, and I have no experience with such. Will it be a royal pain in the arse to straighten up these primer pockets? At almost $2 a case .50 brass, I'm willing to put some work into it...