1. T

    Gunsmithing Swapping Savage Barrels Back and forth

    Got a question about savage's barrel nut and barrel swapping. Rifle in question is a Savage 10FPSR LE 308win with a 22" stock barrel. with my 8" suppressor it puts it at a 30". For hunting season I would like to swap it to a shorter barrel to accommodate barrel and suppressor combined length...
  2. libertyman777

    Gunsmithing Barrel Swap, Stock Inletting

    I've got a Model 12VLP with the laminate stock in .308. Has the factory fluted varmint profile barrel. I may be buying a .223 barrel off of a Model 10 Heavy Barrel rifle. Will I have to inlet to stock to make this barrel fit? Paul
  3. H

    LMT MRP barrel swap??

    Question. How do you take off the barrels on the LMT MRP uppers. I just one and it did not come with any instructions. Also what is the torque spec on the bolts. Thanks
  4. 1

    Swap Chassis Test

    We had fun with this one, figured it worth sharing. 1) rem factory issue M24, verify 100 yrd zero. Bang steel at 600, verify. 2) move same barrel'd action to our M24 long action chassis. 3) confirm 100 yd zero, less that 1 MOA shift right. Correct and verify. 4) engauge same steel at...
  5. cletuskasady

    Gunsmithing AI Barrel Swap

    What can I use to coat the threads when replacing an AI barrel? Did a search that mentioned "blue loctite" but just wanted to confirm. thanks, Joe
  6. B

    Gunsmithing ADL to BDL swap

    I bought a nice sendero stock and BDL bottom metal to put on an ADL. It seems like the mag box is too long. how is the best way to fix that?
  7. K

    Rifle Scopes Nightforce Reticle Swap

    I have a nightforce scope that I got for free. It has a mildot reticle and moa knobs. For obvious reasons I want to get a MOA reticle put in it. I will probably get the np-r1 or something similar. Does anyone know where I can send this to have it done, can I just send the scope right to...