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  1. KeithStone

    SOLD Manners T2A Gap

    After a 9 month wait it’s finally here but too many other projects to get to this one right now. Brand new never had an action in it. $1170 shipped
  2. P

    Pics - Remy 700/NXS/Manners T2A

    Hey guys and gals, heres some pics of my rifle. Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308 Manners T2A Badger M5 Bottom Metal Harris 6"-9" w/ Swivel TIS M24 Sling Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50mm w/ Zerostop Mil/Mil Click on the images for bigger pictures They are cell phone pics, so the quality...
  3. SingleShot85

    Gunsmithing another bedding question????? Manners T2-A

    I purchaced a new Manners T2A stock that was inleted for a Remy SA and Surgeon Bottom Metal. Question, is it necessary/suggested to use the pillars that come with the bottom metal or just bolt and go? Thanks
  4. M

    Manners T2A Stock Ammo Carrier

    I am looking for a stock pack/ammo Carrier that will fit a Manners T2A stock. I don't know of a stock pack that will work on the T2A stock configureation with the Terry Cross adjustable cheek piece. The Eagle stock pack will fit but I do not need or want the padded cheek piece. Any body else...