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  1. T

    Suppressors Mirage covers worth it for 22s?

    I’ll be ordering a TAB SAS mirage shield for my 30cal can, but would it be worth it to by a seprate one for my 22 trainer? (to match) 22 Savage FVSR, 4-14x44 scope, with a 22sparrow 10 shot mag strings, bolt action, South Texas summer coming up with temps well into the upper 90s to 100 deg F...
  2. KYS

    Suppressors TAB Silencer Covers

    I am trying to get some info from TAB Gear. I have looked around and cant find anything. I placed an order for silencer covers about 3 weeks ago, was charged, now I have no confirmation and/or shipping info. Every other cover I have ordered shows up at about a week and a half from order date...
  3. P

    Suppressors TAB SAS-1 vs SAS-2 Mirage Shields

    Finally got my 30 cal can, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the 2 different suppressor covers?
  4. ZLBubba

    President's One Hundred tab

    Does anyone know the specifics of earning this tab? I've only seen one here at Bragg and as many of you know, Ft Bragg is overflowing with SF, Ranger, and Sapper tabs. I'm really curious as to why there aren't more President's One Hundred tabs around here. I know the tab gets awarded at the...