1. B

    McMillan Tac50 / MK15 Advice

    Gents, Good evening! Wondering if anyone could help me out with the Spigot Style M2 Bipod Mount for the Tac50 / MK15 MOD 0. I can't find one anywhere nor can I find any decent photos that show the spigot without a bipod attached. Aside from an older action, I have most of everything else I...
  2. O

    TAC-50 stock

    Anyone hear anything about McM doing T&E on their revised TAC-50 stocks, are they still doing the T&E, any proposed production date?
  3. badkarma1985

    AI AW50 vs McMillan Tac-50

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy another rifle and after I talked myself out of the 408 it has come down to these two guns. I am looking for anyone who has had any experience with either of these or preferably both rifles. I have done my research on my end and I already own AI's as well as a...