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  1. Jummy

    DIY Target Cam

    I recently saw the Targetcam from Targetcam.net so I decided to make my own. Here are is the list of stuff I bought 2 12 v 8Ah batteries with charger from Cabelas http://tinyurl.com/mmbbcz2 1 Plano Gun Guard 4 pistol Case http://tinyurl.com/mrnkjul $30 ( I should have shopped around first. This...
  2. Known

    Interest in firing pin bushing service for AI rifles

    All, I would like to ascertain the level of interest in a firing pin bushing service for Accuracy International (AI) rifles. AI does not provide this service and I am not aware of anybody in the US providing such a service for AI rifles. It is my understanding that this service is only...
  3. BryanLitz

    Range Report Applied Ballistics Mobile App

    Introducing the Applied Ballistics (AB) Mobile app. This state of the art ballistics program is currently available for android devices (it will be developed for iPhone/iPod in the future). The AB Mobile app: Accounts for all major and minor trajectory variables Pulls in weather data...