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  1. V

    Range Report TDS Recon and what software???

    I am thinking of buying a Recon and putting the Horus software on it. Has anyone used this or is there a better software package for the Recon? I have used the older Horus with a palm pda but I keep breaking or somehow killing the palms. Looking for good advise on something you have personally...
  2. Pinco Palla

    Range Report just got my brand new TDS Recon with Nightforce...

    ...ballistic program loaded . The hardware in itself is 30% bigger and about 400% more heavier ( 522,00 gr ) than one IPhone 3G ( 122,00 gr ) , the colour is OD green , life battery is about 15-16 hours depending on which program/device ( bluetooth , GPS .... ) is activated, the machine seems...