Range Report just got my brand new TDS Recon with Nightforce...

Pinco Palla

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Jun 15, 2002
...ballistic program loaded .

The hardware in itself is 30% bigger and about 400% more heavier ( 522,00 gr ) than one IPhone 3G ( 122,00 gr ) , the colour is OD green , life battery is about 15-16 hours depending on which program/device ( bluetooth , GPS .... ) is activated, the machine seems to be very rock solid and rugged , exactly what I was looking for.

Actually the battery'll stay under charge for 12 hours , I'll give you my first impression about the software when I'' switch it on tomorrow afternoom .

Good shooting ,
PP out



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Aug 5, 2007
Hoover, AL
Re: just got my brand new TDS Recon with Nightforce...

Enjoy... Ive used mine for the last few years and its great.


Re: just got my brand new TDS Recon with Nightforce...

Ive been using one for about a year with atrg2 on a sd chip. The really cool thing about it is you can put the 1 meter resolution aeriel photos on a cf chip and operate them both at the same time. I was able to get the whole state of Okla. on a 32 gig chip with room to spare. When loaded with Arc-pad the gps will overlay on the aeriels. Sometimes when the laser range finder wont reach you can see the land features well enough to get a measurment using the map. If you can identify a precise feature at you location and one at the targets location a very accurate measurement can be made. Navigation is a snap with one of these. I run bad guys with hounds offlead and get in some hellaciuos predictiments at night. I have been tangled up in thickets so bad I could barely wiggle and pull the Nomad out to discover there is a road or an opening a short distance away. I also have gps collars on the dogs and can take the gps location I recieve from their collars and put it in the Nomad, a littile black dot will appear on the map and I can tell what tree they are standing under in some cases. Outstanding piece of equipment, it has made my job much easier.