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  1. 2

    Maggie’s Theory and fact

    One evening after dinner a dad asks his son how school went that day. kid says, "Ok dad, but my teacher was talking about theory and fact and I'm not sure I understand the difference. Can you explain it to me?" Dad says, "Son, that's easy. Go ask your mom if she'd have sex with Billy next...
  2. rero360


    I may be wrong here, hence the label of Theory, let me know what you think: I'm loading up a .308win load, BH brass, 175gr SMK with fed primers and Varget powder. I got thinking about COAL and variations in the tip of the bullet. I took a sample of the 500 odd bullets I have on hand and found...
  3. Phylodog

    We need a conspiracy theory section

    I know for a fact that agents from federal government have broken into my home and placed GPS enabled tracking threads into my underwear so that they won't have a hard time finding me when the time comes to kidnap me and force me into a slave labor/re-education/concentration camp in the mojave...