1. USMCj

    Problem with Surgeon Round action bolt timing?

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  2. 9H_Cracka

    Gunsmithing M700/clones bolt timing explained

    Who wants to go first? We have heard the term bantered about many times. I spoke with 2 trained and experienced gunsmiths locally and neither had a good explanation. What is it? How does it effect the rifle when wrong? How does it effect the rifle when right? How is it done? Gurus, have...
  3. T

    Gunsmithing "Timing" off in bolt action ?????????

    I have a rem 700 (6.5 x 47) that, i think, the "timing is off." Please correct me if the following problem is not that, and, if it is...how to fix it. When you chamber a round and close the bolt (handle/knob as far 'down' as it will go) and attempt to pull trigger, SOMETHING impedes the firing...