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  1. The4GunGuy

    TriggerCam for Practice

    Hey everyone! Just did a video on the TriggerCam and thought you'd like it. This thing is really helping me understand what I'm doing wrong during practice. Going to use it in a match soon on specific stages (single target). Enjoy!
  2. _DE_

    First Tip of the New Topic

    If you can't afford a New one Don't fuck with it!
  3. G

    60 grn ballistic tip

    Anyone load the 60 grn ballistic tip in .223? Im loading them over 25.5 grains of Win 748 in Swiss GP90 brass with Federal Small rifle primers. Anyone care to take a guess at my velocity out of an 18inch tube? Id like to make a drop chart for prarie dog hunting next week, and my chrony is down.
  4. junglejim23

    .308 180GR Nosler Ballistic tip

    any of you had good luck with these in a Remy 700 police ? I uncertain what the twist is. It is a stainless model but not a 5r just plain jane 700p but stainless all the way around
  5. C

    7mm 180jlk-need ogive to tip measurement

    Could someone with some of the 7mm 180 jlk's (swampworks) measure a few of them from the ogive to the tip and reply. I'm about to order some of their 6.5 and 7 bullets, but need to know how much longer (ogive to tip) the 7mm 180 is vs. the 180 berger. I may not be able to magazine the jlk's. Thanks
  6. mavrick10_2000

    Natchez has NATO M855PD 62gr Green Tip in Stock

    LIke the title says. In lots of 1000. Someone buy some so I can buy a few boxes off of you. LOL
  7. Bigwheels

    150gr Balistic tip in DPMS LR308?

    I was wondering if anybody has had any problems running tipped bullets in thier DPMS/AR-10 auto's? Do the tips break off or something? Thanks.