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  1. superde

    Jacob/Frank - training tonight?

    Heading through Kingsville right now and the wind seems unusually stout this evening - it's blowing us all over the road LOL.
  2. softcock

    Damn !, .Savage looking pretty good tonight.

    Wow, Box factory Savage is looking pretty sweet to me now these days. Took a couple pics. of this Savage Factory 'custom shop' ( complete with All option ) as seen in Pic. Don't know all the factory specs. on this Savage shop model. It is a Folder with all Adjustments. Maybe if someone that...
  3. Twisted

    Shot 600 yards for the first time tonight....

    I'm actually a little impressed with myself. Out of the 20 rounds I fired at a 6" X I had: 7 - X hits (one of which was dead on tits center) 10 - 10 rings 2 - 9 rings 1 - 8 ring Not too shabby for my first time out at 600 yards. With my current loads I am about 19.5 MOA of drop at 600 yards.