1. desertrat1979


    My stick and daily carry items.
  2. Center Mass

    Most Of My Toys

    I finally got a chance to shoot some pics of my latest projects along with some old favorites. I figured I'd post them here because the files are too big to post in the gallery section. A pair of .308's Custom built .308 and LR308 carbine. The .223's Rock River custom and R700 LTR with a...
  3. L

    Photos New member and his toys

    Guys and Gals I'm a new member to the forums and figured an introduction of sorts was in in order. And what better intro then some gun porn. These are my two precision rigs. The green one is a Winchester Model 70 in 7mm Remington Magnum, the action has been rebarreled and trued by Pac Nor, it...