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tracking point

  1. T

    TP AR 762 7.62 NATO/.308 Remington - WTF??

    Anyone ever heard of a 7.62 NATO/.308 Remington? I know of the 308 Winchester but never heard of a 308 Remington according to the engineer at Tracking Point it's a SAMMI load. Seems sketchy to me... Kinda like a football bat. TrackingPoint Store | TrackingPoint
  2. Lowlight

    Rifle Scopes Remington 20/20 --- Tracking Point Addition

    Remington is gonna be releasing their tracking point type (might be licensed ?) optic Shoot 2020 No official word yet but the site is up and I know it is coming out...
  3. JaysonF

    Rifle Scopes Tracking Point?

    Has anyone else seen this system? Official Site ? XactSystem? Precision Guided Firearms | TrackingPoint I just watched The Colbert Report and I saw they were making fun of it. Colbert On Tracking Point?s Zero Skill Required Assassin Rifle Systems starting at $22,500... It sure has the...