1. longshot2000

    Optics WTT - Looking for Kahles 624i with SKMR3 reticle, offering trade-ups

    Looking for this specific scope is superior condition, to take in trade for a Nightforce, ZCO, Leupold or March scope (new). Various models of each brand we have in-stock. I will take your scope in trade plus cash for a new scope. Thanks for your consideration, and note this is a specific...
  2. rubiconscott

    Firearms WTT G19 Gen 3 w/RMR plus mods for Optic

    Trade pending… $1,000 cash, Venmo or zelle $1,500 trade value Gen 3 G19 Unfired all parts are brand new except for aftermarket slide -Type 2 adjustable RMR 1 moa -steel city lightweight slide -Dawson suppressor height sights -Zev Pro match barrel -factory internals - Apex trigger kit -Vickers...
  3. TxDerek

    Firearms WTT: M300 375 Cheytac

    Want to trade our m300 Praetorian 375 Cheytac with only 1 round through the rifle as a function check for higher end scopes. NF atacr, Kahles 525/624, zco, TT, March, etc. Some of the scopes in the 3-4k range might have to add a little cash to make it an even trade, but we can work that out...
  4. C

    SOLD WTT FN Scar 20s for KAC, LMT, Scar 17

    Want to trade my like-new FN Scar 20s 7.62/308 for a KAC/Knights Armament SR-15 Mod 2 14.5" preferably with a URX 3.1 rail. Will also consider a LMT or modded Scar 17 NRCH. The Scar only has 30 rounds fired, has the MK20 contract 1:12 twist barrel and 3-prong flash hider. Reciprocating charging...
  5. ADAMS512

    Reloading Equipment WTT 4k LRP CCI 200 Primers for Varget or Shooters World Precision

    Like the title says. Central TX (Austin)
  6. JayLandoe

    Optics ZC527 MPCT1 $3400

    ZC527 MPCT1 for sale or trade. Mounted once but never fired. 3200 or trade for same with MPCT3 reticle. Sale includes the Tenebrex caps. Text at 509-389-0933
  7. B

    Optics Sold!

    Looking to trade for Leupold 30% cert if possible or would sell for $175 obo. Expires 4/13/2022. Let me know what you got. Thanks Brent
  8. skyewalker

    SOLD WTS/WTT Razor 1-6

    Picked up a Tangent so it bumped all of my optics down, this one lost the game of musical chairs. It was kryloned at one point, then stripped, I got about 98% off. No box, it’s the non E model. I am fairly certain it’s the VMR2 MOA reticle. $1000 shipped and insured. No PayPal. Venmo Zelle or...
  9. skyewalker

    Firearms 6.5 Creed barreled action Proof carbon fiber

    Rem700 SS receiver Proof 22” CF barrel threaded 5/8x24 Seekins 20moa base Krg bolt knob thingy Rifle basix erv-3k 1500 rounds on the barrel +-100 Shoots .3-.4s with h4350 and 147eldms Chambered and threaded by my buddy Hoover precision rifles out of MT. $850 shipped to FFL or trade for...
  10. CalebFuller78

    Accessories WTT New For Old MK20 Barrel

    Gauging availability of Scar 20s step down barrels; I need one for my rig as I own a FA762SV-BK which requires the tapered barrel of the earlier SCAR 20s. The new one (that I just put money down on) has a straight heavy barrel profile and I would really like to avoid sending it to be machined...
  11. Tweetsounds

    Reloading Equipment Trade large rifle primers for small rifle primers, Tacoma Washington

    Looking to trade Federal large rifle primers (box of 1000) for small rifle primers (box of 1000). Located in Tacoma Washington.
  12. CompMatch91

    Optics Sold

    Leupold 45% off cert. Trade for Nightforce cert or make offer. Originally was going to pick up an MK5 with it but changed my mind.
  13. I

    Firearms WTT Larue AR15 for optic preferrably

    TEXT preferred. text anytime day or night. 91579zero3zero88... i work odd hours and will respond when i am awake I have a larue AR15 with a few mods. Furnature is ODgreen. changed the handguard and a few pieces on the lower to have ODgreen stuff. charging handle is also OD green with nickel...
  14. CompMatch91

    Firearms M1A Socom II TRADE/SELL

    Used Springfield Armory Socom II .308 comes with 2 mags. open to trades for bolt guns, barreled actions, 338lm, defiance action, scopes, or pistols + Cash $1200.00
  15. M

    300 blackout pistol trade

    I’m looking to trade my 300 blackout pistol for optics, Eotech and magnifier Lvpo, optics of so sort this has only 60 rounds Dow the pipe mike775-537-3036 comes with 300+- rounds of hp Match ammo and mags
  16. stillbuster

    Gunsmithing My Snipershide trade rifle Pics added

    I traded dontstrokeme for the 700 SPS in 223. I traded chpprguy for the 223 varmint barrel. Got the stock from SgtHenry the super sniper optic, rings and base from another site, the bottom metal from Austan. My dad and I spent several hours together and I learned a lot. We removed the pencil...
  17. Emergencynrse

    Maggie’s Trade

    <span style="font-weight: bold">TRADE</span> Last Tuesday, as President Obama got off the helicopter in front of the White House, he was carrying a baby piglet under each arm. The squared away Marine guard snaps to attention, salutes and says: "Nice pigs, sir." The President replies: "These...
  18. cypriss32

    Police Trade in; Before And After....

    Allright picked up my police trade in I got off the hide not too long ago. I snaped some quick pics of it after I painted it.... Before- After- Im not shure if I sell the stock and bottom metal and run a Manners GAT or shoot it. I guess Sunday decides what I do. I have a new Rock barrel...