1. Diver160651

    Advanced Marksmanship Tips & Tricks, from Tripods to Stage Examples for - UKD Team Field Match or Hunting

    See the 2021 match schedule here: including the next UKD Team Match, 2 PRS Pro Bolt series, PRS SW Regional Qualifier, and monthly Hunter and PRS regional series, matches. Because our match was sold out 10 months in advance, we feel we should offer a spin up...
  2. sfogold

    Avenal Unkown Distance Match

    During the last weekend, my teammate and I had the opportunity to attend the first UKD or Unknown Distance Match held at Avenal. For a first event, it seemed to operate without a hitch, and I found a very enjoyable event. The targets were generous, as was thankfully the time at each station...
  3. Hasgun Willtravel

    Rifle Scopes Ranging UKD /Precision Milling / Cheat sheets

    I am kicking myself in the butt for not thinking to do this last time I was at the 1000 yard range, and may have to make a trip down there to do this, and not even fire a round. I am regretting not making a cheat sheet, so to speak, of known size targets, at various ranges, and the MILs that...