1. Mattmongeon

    Optics New US Optics FDN-25 $2950

    Brand new, never mounted FDN 25. Only opened the box for a picture. Spec sheet in picture. Asking $3100 obo call or txt Matt at 701-871-0707
  2. TFJ45

    Optics WTB USO-PFI 762C USO SR-8S

    I'm looking to purchase a USO-PFI 762C USO SR-8S -1- 8x27mm. Does anyone know where I could find one?
  3. K

    50% off certificate USO b-series *PRICE DROP*

    I have a 50% off certificate for any US optics b series rifle scope *other models may be eligible*. Expires 1/1/2020. For sale $500, I’d be willing to trade for PRS equipment like tripods/bipods/chassis/reloading equipment/rangefinders and other stuff, looking for a competition pistol as well...
  4. Samegawa

    Rifle Scopes Impressions from the range...

    Hi Guys, New to the forum, so I want to know if it is OK to post a summary of a test we made of some nice riflescopes the other weekend. It includes about 18 scopes, among them Hensolt, Kahles, USO, Ior, Nightforce, Vortex, S&B, March, Nikon and a few others... We were 9 shooters with...
  5. coulthard_west

    Rifle Scopes nightforce vs usoptics

    not looking for advise or asking questions, just looking to see how many different oppinions there are out there. lol no fighting.