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  1. 300WSM

    Virgin LC 223/5.56 brass How much to pay?

    looking for a few thousand...how much does this stuff go for per 1k and where is a good place to buy it? Thanks.
  2. OFIS

    Gunsmithing mcmillan order virgin

    ordering my first mcmillan... im having them inlet for my williams old style floorplate, and they asked me to send it in for correct fit, im also wondering if i should get them to install pillars or if thats something i can do when bedding? im also trusting that flush cups are the way to go...
  3. P

    .22-250 doesn't chamber well with virgin brass

    Hello All, I am a somewhat experienced reloader. I have successfully reloaded 9mm, .223 and .308. Successfully means the ammo shoots as well or better than factory ammo and I had fun making it. My problem is am trying to reload some .22-250 for my father in law. I have lee RGB dies for my...