1. S

    Firearms “Mock 12” AR Build

    Built this rifle because I was infatuated with the Mk12 mod 1 but I'm not a cloner nor do I care about being "clone correct" and just wanted to smoke some coyotes with it but it just sits and never gets used and I want to build a 33xc and send 300gr bergers at 3150fps. Rifle has under 150rds...
  2. S

    Firearms WTS: Complete Centurion Arms CM4 Lower with VLTOR A5 and Forward Controls Design components. - $385 Shipped to FFL

    I accept discreet PayPal G&S, F&F, or Venmo. NO NOTES!If buying G&S, address in PayPal MUST match your FFL's. Your FFL must accept from individuals. Centurion Arms CM4 Lower Receiver - $385 Shipped to your FFL Photo Album Here! Painted with Aervoe, Castle nut is torqued to 38 ft/lbs and...
  3. S

    SOLD WTS: 14.5" Hodge Barrel upper (Pinned/Welded), VLTOR Upper - $520 Shipped.

    Photo album here! I accept PayPal G&S + Fees or Venmo. Absolutely no notes. I am not looking for any trades at this time. This is cross-posted from my sale posting on Arfcom and Reddit under the same username! 14.5" Pinned and Welded Hodge Barreled Upper - $520 Shipped + G&S Fees. This upper...
  4. B

    Gunsmithing VLTOR EMOD Intall Question

    Once the stock is installed on the receiver extension tube, how do you keep the stock from sliding all the way off of the rear of the receiver extension tube? When I pull the adjustment lever and slide it to the rearward most indentation in the extension tube, if I'm not careful, I can...
  5. GasLight

    My First Time: Tactics, VLTOR, PRS, Ergo.... PICS

    OK, this is the first time I have assembled an AR, so I thought I would post a couple pics to show what I got. The specs are: Tactics SH lower VLTOR MUR upper Mil-spec 11.5 bbl w/A2 sight and standard carbine handguard (YAWN) - will be replaced with a 6.5DD barrel and free float tube when I...
  6. Todd Heyn

    VLTOR Modstock Accessory Compartment?

    I just installed a VLTOR Modstock on my AR and want to store some spare CR123 batteries in the storage compartment. With three batteries in the compartment they slide around. Four batteries will not fit. What have you done to take up the space in the compartment?