Gunsmithing VLTOR EMOD Intall Question


Malefactors Nightmare
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May 13, 2004
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Once the stock is installed on the receiver extension tube, how do you keep the stock from sliding all the way off of the rear of the receiver extension tube?

When I pull the adjustment lever and slide it to the rearward most indentation in the extension tube, if I'm not careful, I can unintentionally pull the stock all the way off of the extension!

My Magpul stock doesn't slide off, unless the lever is pulled down the extra distance to clear the groove in the stock extension.

Is there nothing to stop the VLTOR EMOD from coming off?
Help me out.


Gunny Sergeant
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Nov 29, 2007
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Re: VLTOR EMOD Intall Question

That is not right. Like you said you should have to apply extra leverage to the lever in order to get enough clearence to remove it. Is your adjustment lever sticking. Mine is not that smooth. Also, do you push the lever up like with most stocks or pull it down? If you are pulling it down, that is probably the problem. If you push it up, the stock should limit the travel and still allow enough clearance to disengage the receiver extension.