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  1. 7

    Water Capacity

    I was reading “Rifle Sporting Firearm Journal”, Nov 2008 publication and on page 16 they listed the following .308 Case Weight Chart: Case- Weight (grains)- Water capacity (grains) Federal - 177.80 - 53.4 Remington - 166.24- 54.0 Winchester- 157.05- 54.1 LC 84 - 180.20 - 54.8...
  2. Grump

    Water Capacity, various .308 cases

    I searched. Too many hits that don't have all three search terms. Anyway, my FA63 match holds 55-56 grains of H2O, depending on how high I run the meniscus. Or was that the difference between sized and fired? So many facts, so few remaining brain cells. IIRC, Lapua holds 56 or whatever. Just...
  3. S

    Water transfer coating question

    What do you guys think about this water transfer as it pertains to coating a rifle? I ran across a booth at a recent hunt expo in town, and they had some very neat patterns. Their prices seemed really reasonable, so befor giving them a try i wanted to see if anyone has any experiance with it or...
  4. JCH

    Maggie’s Don't fish too close to the water!!

    Look closely at the stomach contents of this Croc.