1. SurgeonPredator

    Photos Beware Of Wild Dog

    Finally got my case painted, well, not by myself. Peer did a great job, love the clearcoat reflections. Roedale Surgeon .308 Win Wild Dog Tactical stock Pelican 1750, airbrushed by Peer Elshoff. Eberlestock Gunslinger Logos provided by Wild Dog Australia
  2. H

    Hunting & Fishing Before and after wild hogs vs 308 168 amax Graphic

    Caught these little buggers thisI evening. They came in about 10 minutes before dark. They were still in the brush a little bit when the first one offered me a headshot. Range was about 100 yards, instead of running off the remaining three just took a few steps, so i just kept shooting. The...
  3. gunrunner

    Hunting & Fishing Killed a wild hog

    I bumped into this fellow and two of his little friends in a field this past Tuesday night and I introduced them to my AR15. I thought the meeting went rather well. The bullet was a Sierra 65 grain BTS gameking over 25.2 grains of W748. In case you're wondering about the bag of ice in his...
  4. HTR707

    Hunting & Fishing Wild River Ranch goes thermal

    I finally went for it. I could not take the heat so to speak, LOL. My good friend and colleague, Victor at TNVC, was gracious enough to send me the TAM-14 for T & E this month. After one night in the field on a dark moon, it became evident that this device would increase my hog killing %...
  5. H

    Hunting & Fishing 175gr MKs vs. Wild Hogs

    Shot these with my .308 this weekend with 175gr MKs loaded to about 2670fps. Black one was taken at about 80 yards. Shot was just behind right shoulder. Exit was small, about the size of a quarter. Found first blood drops about 80 yards from where I shot him, and blood trailed him about 40 yards...
  6. oughtsix

    Hunting & Fishing Catching Wild Hogs Live

    Went with a buddy of mine Saturday hog hunting behind his dogs. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would jump into a chest deep creek after a pissed off 250 pound boar hog. Much less grab his legs and tie him up. It was wild. I'll never use a gun on pigs again. By choice anyway...
  7. C

    Wild Dog Stocks?

    Has anybody tried one of these stocks for the CZ 452 yet?