1. TxDerek

    Firearms New Alamo Precision Rifles 300wm

    Selling a brand new, never fired, custom 300wm from Alamo Precision Rifles out of the DFW area. Details of rifle will be in the pictures from when the gun was originally purchased. *Also have a new Accutac hd-50 bipod that's never been used. *Also, have an Athlon Ares Etr new in box that I'm...
  2. O

    Firearms 3 SR Pmags and Ammo

    I have 3 SR 7.62x51mm pmags, 1 box of Winchester M80 7.62x51mm and 1 box of Winchester M118 7.62x51mm. All new $75 paypal shipped. Wont ship to Connecticut, Illinois, New York State, or New Jersey, Hawaii or Alaska.
  3. 4

    SOLD 308 Ammo 147gr FMJ

    168 rounds of factory Winchester 308 ammunition. 147gr FMJ. 8 unopened boxes, one partial box of 8, and one empty box just to make shipping it easier. Not trying to rip anyone off, my gun did not shoot it well enough so just trying to get my money back out of it. $195 plus $25 for UPS shipping.
  4. C

    Firearms WTB 300WSM ,270 WSM

    Looking to buy a 300 WSM and 270 WSM. Don’t need anything $3000 looking for something similar to a Remington Sendero or Tikka T3 Roughtec quality fluted and threaded preferred. Thanks
  5. xFalcon26

    Pre-64 Model 70 L/A .30-06 Chassis?

    Gents, Does anyone know a company that would custom manufacture a chassis style modular stock for a pre64 Model 70? I can find tons for post64 short and long actions, but I cannot find a single one for pre64. I put in a request for MDT, but their request form doesn’t specify pre- or post-64, so...
  6. Blackkettle

    Firearms 358 winchester $1700

    Winchester model 70 CRF chambered in 358 win. Slick action, shilen select match 1-12 twist barrel 22 inch with brake. Matched muzzle brake reduces recoil by 50 %. Cere koated , Hogue full alum bedding block stock in OD green. Leupold mounts and rings. Rifle built by east coast precision. Lots of...
  7. slickalaus12

    T3 Feeding Issue

    Hey guys, Yesterday I pulled out my T3 Hunter 30-06 to shoot it a few times at the range before my next trip. I have never had any cycling issues with it but yesterday I was having to use alot of force to push the bolt down to lock it into place on most cycles. Some were the normal, smooth...
  8. Tommyd184

    Rimfire Winchester model 1890 F/S

    I have a Winchester model 1890 pump 22. Serial number gives it an 1890 birthday. The rifle is a second model, standard version. Rifle is in great shape for being 130 years old. It functions and shoots as it should. Serial number 67, 0xx. $800 shipped to your FFL.
  9. C

    Firearms Smith and Wesson

    Looking to buy Smith revolvers 2-4 inch barrels , Model 24 , 27, 28 , 66, 624 , 625 , 29, 629 ,659, 586,686 etc..... let me know what you have and we can go from there. Thanks in advance.
  10. Das Capitolin

    WTS Winchester 190GN HPBT Match 30 Cal Bullets [Reno NV/Ship]

    Selling these 190-grain hollow point boat tail .30 caliber .308" diameter Winchester Match bullets #3019HBT. 100 projectiles per box - sixteen boxes available. Asking $400 for the entire lot of 1600 bullets (shipped), or $140 per 500 bullets (shipped). Interested in trading for 140gn 6.5...
  11. Blueoval56

    Hathcock Model 70 Project

    I've always wanted to build a copy/ close replica of Carlos Hathcock's Model 70 and about a month ago this rifle sort of fell into my lap! As it stands right now it's definitely not a replica by any means but I couldn't pass it up and I figured it would be a great way to kick my but into gear...
  12. T

    Need help identifying a rifle

    When I was younger, my friend had a little 22LR rifle that was single shot, octagonal barrel and was really cool. You had to insert the cartridge right into the chamber, then push a little thing forward and the hammer was behind the "thing." When you fired it, you had to cock the hammer, pull...
  13. Sgposin

    Range Report Winchester 6.5 Creedmoor 140Gr GMM

    Just picked up a couple boxes of this stuff. Anyone had any experience with it? Couldn't find anything with the Google engine.
  14. kCHIKS

    Winchester Model 70 (Pre 64) Base Help

    I'm pretty new here and this will be my first thread started. With that I need help/advice I picked up a Winchester Model 70 (Pre 64) according to the SN the action was made in 1954. Its chamber in .243 win and came with a bedded stock and bull barrel and a Leopold scope base (first thing I did...
  15. W

    Pre 64 Model 70 build

    Hey folks, First posting here. Thinking about building a rifle on a winchester model 70 pre 64. This would be a long action ( 30-06 length) Primary purpose would be positional shooting competition ( psr style) with hunting white tail being a secondary. Questions are a) will a 6.5 creedmoor...
  16. R

    Winchester History Buffs - CM Russell engraved model 95

    I know a number of members here have interests outside of tactical shooting so I thought I might pose a question. Charlie Russell and Frank Linderman were good friends. Many people know of Russell and admire his western art. Linderman also achieved some noteriety publishing books and magazine...
  17. Stringer

    Winchester 52 questions

    I recently acquired a 1956 52C heavy barrel which, judging by the dusty crud in the bolt assembly, probably hasn't been used in decades. I want to get it going again and fit some aperture sights. Here's what I'm starting with: It has a marksman stock that appears aftermarket, because the...
  18. hawkinpup

    What about a Winchester 70 ?

    I Guys Gals whatever, I hope this isn't a dumb question but I have a Winchester Model 70 XTR sporter magnum in 300 win mag. I like the gun but wondering if this is something that is worth putting time and money into like a nice stock, scope, trigger. etc. or should I sell and pick up something...
  19. bohem

    Winchester Mod 63

    I just got a 1955 M 63 from GunBroker. I'm very excited about it, the classic little rifle kinda "speaks to me" LOL Anway, are there some more mod 63 owners on here, any advice, tricks, tips, etc that I should keep in mind? I haven't owned or shot one before, I found one that was affordable...
  20. E

    Winchester 52 E

    I've been attempting to determine a value for this rifle for years. Something I've owned for around 18 years, and I've never seen another one anywhere. I've had a standing offer of over 2K, but it came so fast that I was afraid the value was "buyer" favored. Any Ideas ? thanks,