1. P

    Load workup?

    I finally had a chance to load up a few rounds and try out my new rifle. I have 2 different bullets for now with more coming. I have an old box of Sierra MatchKing Palma 155gr bullets and a box of Sierra GameKing 165gr bullets. Looking through my Hornady book I decided on a charge of 45gr for...
  2. J

    Load Workup w/ one powder & bullet UPDATE w/ PICS

    I have a fairly good supply of H4895 and 168gr Hornady Match bullets, and I am curious what the most efficient way is to work up a load with the components. The gun is a Savage 10FP .308 with 24" barrel, and I have actually done a ladder test with the aforementioned items in this thread...
  3. Turk10mm

    Range Report Range Report - First Timer Load Workup

    Well, today was my first time with my hand loads. I think, all in all it did pretty well. I'm not sure about the velocity going up and the POI coming down, though. What do you think? Two groups I think I'm going to play with.. Shots 3-6 and 12-15. I hope 14 and 16 were me pulling the...