1. aroddc3

    WTB ARC 36mm 1.1” Medium Height Rings

    As described above. Looking for a pair. Will buy for cash or I have a set of high ZCO brand rings to trade if interested.
  2. roosterpig

    Ammo WTB Winchester SuperX .308 150gr

    Anyone have a stockpile of the cheap Winchester 150gr SuperX rounds in 308? Soft points. New scope coming for hunting rifle on Monday and uh... stuff is hard to come by nowadays... Sighting in will be tough without any pro-jek-tiles. Remington core lokt works too. Any help appreciated...
  3. I

    WTB SALE PENDING - WTB - AI AX Pre14 Rem 700 SA 308 Chassis

    ****Sale Pending **** This seems like a longshot but I'm looking for a right hand pre14 AI AX chassis for a short action Rem 700 - 308 Win with the 16" forend tube. I'll take a 13" if that's what you got. Not really worried about the color, but I would prefer in FDE. I'll post a picture later of...
  4. F

    WTB: Streamlight TLR-7a

    Anyone have a new or lightly used Streamlight TLR-7a they are looking to unload?
  5. Dvando20

    WTB WTB: DPMS LR308 Barrel

    Looking for a factory DPMS .308 SASS barrel or an OEM .308 bull barrel for my slick-side LR308.
  6. 4

    WTB WTB Henry Big Boy Model X

    WTB Henry Big Boy Model X in 357. Just seeing if anyone wants to let one go before I get in line on mikesarmory for one. If you are in the NM area I can sweeten the deal by adding factory 9mm and/or primers for a ftf deal.
  7. AKMarty

    Accessories WTB used Elite Iron Revolution Bipod

    WTB Elite Iron bipod used. Steel or aluminum is ok. Panning not desired. MED offset Picatinny mount. Thanks
  8. Dvando20

    Optics 🔥FOUND!!!!!🔥WTB: SWFA SS 10X Mil

    Looking for a SWFA SS 10x in mil/mil without the side focus. Message or comment if you have one.
  9. S

    Accessories WTB XLR ERGO Vertical Grip

    WTB XLR ERGO Vertical Grip. I have looked several places and they are out of stock anyone have one laying around they may want to sell?
  10. S

    WTB XLR ERGO Vertical Grip

    WTB XLR ERGO Vertical Grip. I have looked several places and they are out of stock anyone have one laying around they may want to sell?
  11. T

    Firearms (CLOSED) WTB/WTT for an Accuracy International AE MKII or AW W/ Legacy 2.0 Folding Stock

    Edit: I’ve decided to change my search from AWSM/AWM to the standard AW and AE models Looking to buy an old classic, don't really care about the condition as long as its operational (I want a shooter, not a trophy gun) Preferences: Green Stock Factory Muzzle Brake Price is negotiable, but...
  12. C

    Optics WTB: Athlon Ares ETR or BTR Gen 2

    I've had great success buying and selling here before, hoping to continue the trend. Looking for either used before I buy a new one. Prefer ETR but wouldn't mind BTR in the dot reticle. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  13. R

    Accessories WTB Geissele/Raptor CH (FDE) & SRS Silent Buffer

    As title says. Looking for your used parts you have lying around. for my AR-15. I only use PayPay G&S (Shipped to Missouri) Looking to spend around $40 or so for the CH. (If a Raptor, all aluminum please. ) SRS 3.3oz Carbine around 45$ also. Prices negotiable Thanks and let me know what ya...
  14. P

    WTB Accuracy international Axmc

    Hi guys , Looking for an Axmc preferably in dark earth in 300wm ,It could be a complete package with optic , mount , conversion kits etc or just stand alone rifle . For optics preferably s&b - tangent theta - zero compromise . Thanks Pete
  15. R

    WTB Benelli M2 w/ Comfortech stock, ghost rings

    P/N 11029. If you have one for sale, new or used, please email or PM. thx Robert
  16. Down Under Hunter

    WTB- Looking for Swaro 15 x 56 Slc Binos old model

    Can soemone help me out here and tell me why I cant post this listing in the optics for sale section ? It says I am unauthorised ? Can someone suggest where I might pick a set of these up. I am looking for excellent cond used or new. Fair price paid. Thanks all. DUH
  17. U

    WTB: Sako Quad Barrels/4 gun case

    I want to purchase Sako Quad barrels in 22 LR and .17 HMR. I am also looking for the factory case offered by Sako for the 4 barrel set. Any information would be appreciated. I am new to the forum so hopefully I posted in the correct area.
  18. bohem

    WTB 308 brass

    Until now the only 308 that I had is an old iron sighted Israeli Mauser that gets MAYBE 20 rounds a year. I have a nice classic shooter coming in from Catt_tracker and I need to get some brass for it. Grump was a gentlemen and sent me a few cases for that Israeli Mauser but they're various...