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  1. D


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  2. T

    SOLD (Bought) WTB: Sig Sauer 556 Diopter Rear Sight $200.00 or OBO

    (Bought) Looking to buy an Sig Sauer Rotary Diopter Rear Sight, Model Number 1511663-R Offering $200.00 or offer buy out. I can pay either Money Order, Zelle, or discreet PayPal Start a conversation with me if interested so we can go over some details Thank you...
  3. B

    Accessories WTB: 20 MOA TL3 base

    As the title states, I'm looking for a 20 MOA base for a Rim-X or TL3 right-handed action. Please message me if you happen to have one available, thank you! I have a 30 MOA if interested in trading. Jerry
  4. T

    SOLD (Bought) WTB: EoTech 551 (Gen 2), Price Offer Increase: $450.00

    (Item Bought from AMGtuned) Looking to buy an EoTech model 551 Holosight Gen 2 (One that was made after 2006), prefer the model with the "For Use with Law Enforcement Only" label and has rubber input buttons instead of the smooth cover with white input labels. One other desired bonus is that...
  5. Ghud02


  6. cxilio

    wtbe Banned

    Go read the site rules you agree to when joining before you get banned.
  7. M

    WTB WTB Wilcox RAPTAR or AB Storm

    Looking for a Wilcox Raptar or AB Storm. (With LRF and Applied ballistics. Not interested in Raptar Lite) Have some PRS related equipment for partial/full trade value. MK5, 6 ARC PRS rig, and some odds and ends. Items for trade value can be found at my ARF account below...
  8. T

    SOLD WTB: ZM Weapons or Para Ordnance TTR Folding Retracting Stock: Asking $450.00 - $600.00 OBO

    Looking to buy an original ZM Weapons or a Para Ordnance TTR retractable folding stock, currently I have a ZM Weapons Galil folding adapter with an ACE Stock for partial trade. I'm offering $600.00 for the ZM retractable folding stock by itself or $450.00 for a partial trade. I can offer...
  9. T

    SOLD The Unicorn Item, a ZM LR300 Upper ML-N or SL-N model W/ original ZM Grip & Telescopic Stock

    ——Found and Purchased—- Looking to buy a rare piece of AR history, an original ZM LR-300 upper kit. Specifically looking for either the 11.5" or 16" upper with a nylatron handguard. I'm also searching for either the ZM, YHM, or Para Ordnance LR300 specific telescopic buttstock and ZM pistol...
  10. F

    I need to read rules...

    Or I will be banned.
  11. D

    WTB WTB Accuracy International or GAP.

    Looking for an AT AI or AX or GAP rifle. Prefer Green and .308 but not exactly picky for the right rifle. For GAP, an M40 or M24 or FBI HST.
  12. Jmartin86

    WTB WTB XLR Envy Pro chassis

    Looking for a XLR Envy Pro. Let me know what you have! Might be open to others Thanks. Must be REM 700 SA
  13. N

    Optics WTB Swarovski z3 3-10x42

    WTB Swaro z3 3-10 (pref BRH) or or another sub 12 oz scope. PM
  14. B

    Optics WTB -FOUND -- NightForce 4-16x42 ATACR MIL-XT --- Cash In Hand!

    Looking for a NightForce 4-16x42 ATACR Mil-Xt F1 (C615). I do have cash in hand. Please post here or shoot me a message. Thanks so much.
  15. aroddc3

    WTB ARC 36mm 1.1” Medium Height Rings

    As described above. Looking for a pair. Will buy for cash or I have a set of high ZCO brand rings to trade if interested.
  16. roosterpig

    Ammo WTB Winchester SuperX .308 150gr

    Anyone have a stockpile of the cheap Winchester 150gr SuperX rounds in 308? Soft points. New scope coming for hunting rifle on Monday and uh... stuff is hard to come by nowadays... Sighting in will be tough without any pro-jek-tiles. Remington core lokt works too. Any help appreciated...
  17. I

    WTB SALE PENDING - WTB - AI AX Pre14 Rem 700 SA 308 Chassis

    ****Sale Pending **** This seems like a longshot but I'm looking for a right hand pre14 AI AX chassis for a short action Rem 700 - 308 Win with the 16" forend tube. I'll take a 13" if that's what you got. Not really worried about the color, but I would prefer in FDE. I'll post a picture later of...
  18. F

    WTB: Streamlight TLR-7a

    Anyone have a new or lightly used Streamlight TLR-7a they are looking to unload?
  19. Dvando20

    WTB WTB: DPMS LR308 Barrel

    Looking for a factory DPMS .308 SASS barrel or an OEM .308 bull barrel for my slick-side LR308.
  20. 4

    WTB WTB Henry Big Boy Model X

    WTB Henry Big Boy Model X in 357. Just seeing if anyone wants to let one go before I get in line on mikesarmory for one. If you are in the NM area I can sweeten the deal by adding factory 9mm and/or primers for a ftf deal.