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    Rifle Scopes WTK: Hensoldt 1.5-6x42BL ************

    WTK: Value of my Hensoldt 1.5-6x42 BL scope with what appears to be a SIG SSG3000 scope mount. Unit is easily in 98/99% condition with factory rubber flip open cover. Also would like any information available on this particular scope- specs, type of reticule etc. If someone can point me in the...
  2. R

    WTK: Value of My M25 White Feather **

    Contemplating selling or trading my Springfield Armory M25 White Feather package (no optics) with bipod, hardcase and 10rd mag. 60 rounds down the pipe 98/99% condition. Interested in opinions on current market value. Thank you Ron
  3. S

    Gunsmithing WTK: Castle nut torque - M4

    What does the tech manual say for the Castle nut torque on the buffer tube for an M4? THANKS
  4. S

    WTK: A good out-of-the-box shooter

    My son is looking to get in to BR shooting .22cal. What is a good bolt action,to start out with? something that's a shooter "out-of-the-box".round or under $800./ I don't want to do a build,until I see that he is going to stay with it.
  5. biben

    Rifle Scopes WTK: Aimpoint clone

    I saw them everywhere. Has anyone use them? How reliable they are?
  6. S


    I have FN A3G. it is spect. with FGMM 168gr. ammo. it will shoot .25 and under @ 100yrds.with the FGMM does any one have a load that duplicates the factory 168gr. FGMM? if not does any one have a load that is close to factory FGMM?