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    XM3 DARPA Build

    I wanted to share my build which is heavily inspired by the XM3. I didn’t attempt a full clone because there have since been developmental improvements in calibers, optics, parts, and materials. Also, some parts are too difficult to find. Remington 700 blueprinted receiver. I glass bedded the...
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    XM-3 Rifle??

    Is anyone really using this thing?? Doesn't make sense to me that the US Military would use it. I mean the Marines would just build their own at Quantico the Army could have AMU build theirs. I mean the package makes sense but it wouldn't make sense for the military to out source it. Some of...
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    Range Report Poor mans XM3

    The poor mans XM3 savage10 factory McMillan's A3 bedded by myself 18.5" barrel with AAC black out and a AAC7.62SD WARN 20MOA base and WARN split fixed lowest available rings,NXS 3-5X15X50 MLR/MILLRAD ZEROSTOP. factory barrel 1 in 10 twist cut at 18.5"... CAN on or off no velocity...