1. unoigo


    ** No longer looking ** Altus just sold out before I could grab one. New or used, let me know what you have. Thanks
  2. I

    SOLD SOLD Bighorn 28 Nosler Manners EH1 Bartlein

    Selling my practically brand new 28 Nosler. Only 76 total rounds fired which included the barrel break in and initial load development with 2 different bullets (195gr Berger EOL and 180gr Hornady ELD-M). All work was done by the well-known gunsmith, Caleb Morris @ Alpha & Omega Rifle and Tool...
  3. E

    Zermatt TL3 to a muzzle loader (list on #162)

    In a thread the other day there was a couple people posted that they know someone that converted a TL3 to a muzzle loader and it peaked interest. So I figured it would be worth starting a thread. I’ll tag the people in once I find it again. If you have info about it please post and pictures...
  4. Kimber.204

    Firearms Bighorn TL3 SA - SOLD

    SOLD Selling Bighorn TL3 Short Action, Standard Bolt Face, AICS action. Purchased new in Dec 2019. Has less than 1200 rounds through it. Just doing some house keeping and selling to fund an SR3 action for a hunting rifle with BDL bottom metal. Action in perfect condition....just don't use...
  5. delfuego

    Firearms gone

  6. Z

    NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

    Introducing the RimX action from Zermatt Arms. www.rimxaction.com - Remington 700 Footprint - Integral Recoil Lug - Nitrided, chromoly reciever - Nitrided bolt body - DLC Coated Bolt Head - Non-protruding, fixed extractor - 6 o'clock firing pin - Tool-less bolt disassembly - Interchangeable...