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2019 Sniper’s Hide Forum Rules

Welcome to Sniper’s Hide 2019; this is a community for like-minded individuals with a love of precision rifle, mainly of the tactical variety. Our tagline says, “For the Serious Tactical Marksman”

The Members Make the Community
In order to keep these forums enjoyable and interesting for all of our users, we ask simply that you follow these minimal rules. By participating in the Sniper’s Hide Forums, you are consenting to these rules. Violators may be warned, suspended from posting, or banned from the forums at the sole discretion of the Sniper’s Hide Moderators.

Sniper's Hide Forum Rules, we consider this the first warning and enforcement may come with no second warning.

1. Exercise common sense and be considerate toward your fellow users. The diversity of opinion and intelligent civil discourse is encouraged; by the same token, Personal attacks, rudeness, flaming, baiting, insults to others, or arguments will not be tolerated. Challenge others' points of view and opinions, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully. Any member who threatens anyone on the forum, via PM, instant messengers, or Email, will be banned immediately without notice.

Inappropriate content will be removed without notice. Do not post any messages that are sexually-orientated, racist, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws. Please use good judgment when choosing usernames, avatars, or images to post, and do not attempt to bypass the word filter. It is there for a reason.

Hate Speech, against another, is not tolerated, that means, any inappropriate threats against one's religion, sex, race, or political affiliations will be grounds for removal. If we find both parties are at fault due to trolling or baiting, both members will be removed.

2. Do not post off-topic. Please keep your comments consistent with the subject and purpose of the conversation thread. Deliberate disruption -- such as consistent off-topic commentary -- will not be tolerated.

3. Register using only one username, and do not "flood" the board with posts that are off-topic. Creating multiple user accounts or flooding the board will be considered a denial-of-service attack on the forums and will result in your being banned.

4. Do not post the same topic in more than one forum. Pick the most relevant forum for your post. If you are unsure, put it in the Bear Pit, say you were not sure where it belonged, and someone will move it to the proper forum for you.

5. Do not Attack Companies, members who chase down and attack any representative from any company shall be banned. Companies that come on Sniper’s Hide interact with its members provide a critical service. If you cannot interact properly we suggest you don’t interact at all. This is key to helping the members get support.

6. Political discussion is limited to the BEAR PIT, the same with any discussion on religion and religious matters. We are a very divisive political climate so be aware of your words. They can and will be used against you, and the shooting community as a whole.

Religious Posts of any kind are also frowned on. This site is not for the discussion of one's faith as we feel that is a private matter best left off the forum. Attacking a member due to their political, religiously, or sexual orientation will be grounds for removal without a warning.

Use Common Sense when talking politics and religion and keep them only in the BEAR PIT. Please see Rule #1

7. No all-caps array (FOR EXAMPLE, LIKE THIS) please. It is extremely hard to read. Posts submitted in all-caps will be deleted automatically.

8. No posting of links advertising off-site sales of any kind without express permission from the board or one of its moderators. No advertising any off-site website that competes with Sniper’s Hide.

9. No Commercial postings by any business without first subscribing to the site's rules regarding Commercial Sales. Any business found violating this will be removed along with any and all posts. Contact Lowlight to get a sponsored membership.

10. Signature Images will be no larger than 468x60 in size. Please be sure when using avatars and signature images to remember others on this board are watching. Distasteful images may be removed.

Enforcement of the Rules may happen without warning. If your post is edited, deleted or modified by a Moderator you may inquire to the admin if the reason is not completely clear. Do this by Private Messaging "Lowlight". If you see a post that is in violation of any of these rules please use the "notify" link at the bottom of the post to alert the moderators.

Forum "Suicide" posts as a means of protest against these rules are frowned upon and may result in your removal from the site.

Use the Report Button to inform the moderators. Traffic moves too fast for us to see everything. We miss a lot.

Rules for posting in the For Sale Section:

Conduct yourself in an ethical manner.

Unethical behavior in listings or transactions will be addressed by mods and may result in disciplinary actions up to and including permanent removal from the site.

If you have questions about what is ethical and what is not, then this may not be the place for you.

All Sales must comply with All State & Federal Laws regarding the item listed. It is the responsibility of the member listing their items to ensure they fully understand the laws in regards to the sale of their items. Each listing must fully lay out the applicable laws in writing when necessary to purchase restrictive items such as Class III items.

1. You Must be a Full Member to Post. Full Membership means 100 contributing posts. If you wish to list an item and do not meet these requirements you can pay to post an item for sale. You are purchasing 101 posts and not for us to monitor your transactions. We do not negotiation transaction or vet potential buyers or sellers.

2. Posting an item for sale in any other area but the "For Sale Section" will immediately get the post removed and the User Banned for as long as 30 days or longer without Warning. Sniper's Hide considers these rules as written your initial warning.

3. Members who lost posts or show less than 100 posts can post. If a member has the ability to post they are okay to post in the eyes of the moderators. New members with less than 100 posts will not be given special consideration in this area. Any attempt to circumvent this including a request for prices on items will be removed. New Members can use the Upgrade link at the top of the forum.

4. Padding of your post count will result in a temporary banning of no less than 1 week. If you post more than 20 posts in a single day you will be considered padding your post regardless of the content and your account will be temporarily suspended.

5. You must post a Price in your Ad to sell on this site.

We have been doing this for a long time, your excuse will not work as we have seen it all before. You are new to this, we are not.

6. Declining a transaction is not a rule violation. In order to protect the membership during their transactions, we are allowing them to decline to complete a transaction for any reason at all.

If for any reason the parties cannot agree or the transaction appears suspect, you can say no thanks.

Violations of the For Sale Section Rules will be corrected by the moderators or admin without warning. if you break one of these rules you will be banned and your post will be removed. There is no warning. if we see the violation before you correct it, we will remove your access.

Use the REPORT BUTTON to send a violation to the moderators.

Sniper's Hide does not check the validity of posts made in the For Sale Section and bears no responsibly to ensure a smooth transaction. Users of the For Sale Section do so at their own risk. Any disputes or fraudulent transactions will result in one or both members being removed. Sniper's Hide also cooperates with any and all requests from Law Enforcement without hesitation to prosecute criminals attempting to use this board.

Recommended Guidelines for the For Sale Area

#1 - No selling for friends, cousins, dad's, buddies, etc etc. There's a reason why there is a 100 post rule and if you're going to help them skirt the rules then why have them at all. Now we're no dummies and we know that you can get around this rule by listing the item and not mentioning that it's for the neighbor, you're very sneaky. However, if there is ANY issue with the sale and someone complains then be warned that "It's not my fault, my buddy said it was like new" will get you no help. The transaction start to finish will be owned by you and the lifetime ban that comes from bad sales deals will also be yours. I highly suggest that you simply deal in your own business and no one else's.

#2 - Don't crap on a person's sale ad. In short, this means that anything that might take away from a person's ad should not be posted. Don't tell about how you got yours for $100 less, don't mention that the one you had died after 2 months, don't tell people you "think" their Leupold is a fake because you saw a thread 3 years ago on another site about it and remember that they all should have a gold medallion and don't make lowball offers on the thread.....whatever it is just keep it to yourself or send them a pm. PM's are great for asking a seller a question, making an offer, telling them it might be a clone/fake, etc. PM's are also a great way to save yourself from the public embarrassment of being an ass.

#2A - If you know that something is a fake/clone because of your vast knowledge and the seller does not, please pm them with this info. Sellers make mistakes too and if you have a valid concern and explanation then I'm sure they'll be embarrassed that they didn't know they were selling a fake and pull the ad. If they don't pull or modify the ad then feel free to send a mod alert using the buttons provided and a mod will likely resolve the situation so that no unsuspecting buyers get something less than they paid for.

#3 - Remember that communication is key to a good deal for everyone. Let the seller know when you mail the payment, let the buyer know when you mail the goods, stay in contact. Everyone makes mistakes, mails late by accident, forgets a small package under a jacket in the back seat, etc etc. Most buyers/sellers here are very understanding as long as they know that things are ok and the goods will be delivered. It's no communication and lying that are uncalled for.

#3A - While good communication is the key to a good deal, the communication is between the buyer/seller. Don't clog the boards by bumping an ad to say "Payment Sent" or "Shipped Today" and the always popular "Item received and it looks great". While we're all happy that the deal went well, we don't want to look at an ad or something that sold 2 weeks ago, let the thread die and communicate by PM.

#4 - Don't bump an ad more than once every 48 hours. There's nothing worse than having a guy post something for sale at 8 am and it's got 3 BTT notes by noon. Trust me, the guys in the for sale area are like hawks, we see everything!

Snipershide.com and it's moderators reserve the right to delete posts and/or whole conversations we determine are of an irrelevant, abusive or disruptive nature.

Disciplinary actions are up to the sole discretion of Sniper’s Hide and its moderators, each offense will be taken as a separate incident or may be compounded with incidents of the past resulting in harsher penalties including prolonged banishment from the site.

Anyone attempting to circumvent the disciplinary actions of the moderators may be permanently removed from the board without warning or notice.

This is your community - let us or your fellow posters know if you feel things are getting off-topic or inappropriate.
You will be responsible for your own Communications and the consequences of posting or otherwise transmitting those Communications. Sniper's Hide, LLC. does not represent or guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any material posted or otherwise transmitted by snipershide.com Website users or endorse any opinions expressed by such users. Sniper's Hide, LLC does not screen, monitor or approve Communications from our Web site users in advance. If we receive notification about a user regarding Communications which allegedly do not conform to this Agreement, Sniper's Hide, LLC. has the right, but not the obligation, to investigate the allegations and determine in good faith and at its sole discretion whether to remove or request the removal of the Communication. We have no liability or responsibility to users for performance or nonperformance of such activities. Sniper's Hide, LLC. reserves the right to expel users and prevent their further access to the snipershide.com Web site for violating this Agreement or violating the law. We have the right, but not the obligation, to remove Communications that are abusive, illegal, disrespectful, disruptive, or otherwise problematic.

Link to Privacy Statement:

Please Read Privacy Notice

Registration Email Use

From time to time Sniper's Hide sends out emails to the members of this forum for the purpose of notifying members of upcoming events, new additions to the site, changes in the privacy statement, or for the purpose of collecting optional information for the improvement of this site and its services.
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