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.223 Bullet Length?


Jun 14, 2010
Long Island, NY
I am reloading .223 for a M4. I am using Remington 55gr FMJ w/ cannular, I am finding a variation in bullet length from .712 to .738. The common size that has the most in the length is .724 at 20, all the rest are at 2 to 9 bullets out of 100 count. Has anyone run into this problem? I am thinking of setting up my seating die using the .724 size to try and get a consistant OAL. Any suggestions are welcome.

Re: .223 Bullet Length?

I set my bullet lengths from the ogive to the base. I forget exactly what that dimension is offhand, but I use a Black Hills rounds as a baseline comparison bullet. I use a bullet comparitor nut to measure this.
For me, ... when loading 223 the first priority is for reliability, so I ensure they fit in the magazine. When loading a batch I measure the OAL of them all and find the longest one, then I adjust my dies that so the longest round will fit in the mag. That way they all will fit in the mag.

With that I try to keep the ogive to base length the same. And thats the same as a Black Hills round, whatever that is.