2A FIREMISSIONS: GOA Action Center predrafted email templates to INSTANTLY contact state reps and governors for breaking 2A issues.

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    Gun Owners of America Action Center is a constantly updated situational display board showing what breaking 2A issues and bills are happening in real time. Each post in Action Center has a Instant Contact form and office phone numbers allowing all readers to contact officials and representatives related to the issue. Predrafted email templates to contact officials regarding stances on important gun issues are activated whenever they are needed and allows you to send an email to these officials instantly through the Action Center platform. PLEASE SHARE ACROSS OTHER BOARDS AND SOCIAL PLATFORMS.


    🚨 OHIO: Urge Governor DeWine to sign HB99 (Arming Teachers Act) Contact instantly via email

    🚨 TENNESSEE: Governor Lee considers Red Flag laws. Contact instantly via email

    🚨 FLORIDA: Remind Gov. DeSantis to push for Constitutional Carry. Gov. DeSantis and Sheriff Grady Judd had been absolutely KICKING ASS these past few weeks and earning true respect across the country. Give them a congrats and urge them to continue fighting for the side of good.

    🚨 Fake "pro-gun" senators in various states are dangerously close to "compromising" with leftists to take more gun rights away.

    🚨 TEXAS: Urge Sen. John Cornyn to stand his ground against antigun measures coming through from Texas Democrats

    🚨 Instant Contact also activated for ANY state representatives of your choice. Use the editable predrafted template to draft the exact message to address any issue, then send through Action Center.
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