64 MPR mag release extension - Easy no-drill way


Gunny Sergeant
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Apr 23, 2008
Lebanon, Missouri
Part 1 in my series....:D

2 ways to make a mag release extension for an Anschutz 64, I'm sure many other .22's could be done this way, also.

2 ways because some of you won't want to drill a hole in your new $1000 rifle, at least until you get a few scratches on it, like me.

First the no drill way, then the best way in another post......

Look at all the pics first so you know what is going on. This is actually a tab that slides in BEHIND the release and pushes the release forward when you pull it.

Remove your action from the stock with the front and rear screw only. The trigger guard is held in place by the center screw. Remove that screw, don't lose the little nut. Note when you remove your trigger guard there is a recess dimple between the 2 pieces of metal sandwiched by the center screw, you are gonna clamp this part in that little recess.

Round up a piece of Stainless Steel .350" wide by about 3" or 4" long by .025-035" thick, I used a big SS hose clamp and cut mine out of that. It was 1/2" wide so I had to cut/grind it down to width. It is hard, so keep it cooled off as you grind it. Bend it into the shape you see in this photo.

The dimensions aren't real critical, just so it stays in the confines of the stock recess.

Drill a hole big enough to clear the center screw and grind the width down to fit in that little recess. Round the end that sticks out so you don't cut yourself.

Bend it around and make it fit like this.....


Put the action back in the stock and VIOLA!!, you can remove your mag with one hand! If it is a little loose, you can place a small O-ring or something in the recess to tighten it up, but it's not needed for function.