Suppressors 9mm for glock and AR?


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Feb 16, 2017
been on the hide since pre-scout days but i go radio silent for long periods of time for life reasons. i've got quite a collection of rifle suppressors but for some reason never bought a 9mm,,, just thought i would get opinions before i bought,, wanted to use one for my glock (i've had an aftermarket threaded barrel for while that i have never used) and i was finally, maybe, going to build a ar-9mm style so should i get 2,,, like 1 dedicated for each one?

i did do a search but seemed latest thread was 2 years ago so maybe new good brands have popped up.

where is a good place to buy now days? it's been a while. i used silencershop before and then a friend here in my state,

i just want a helpful, professional place for a hassle free purchase.

in my opinion, i think thunderbeast is the best among my rifle suppressors but maybe in the 9mm world, there are better suppressors? any input? thanks.
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Feb 4, 2019
I personally don't use my 9mm cans on pistols, or my 45 cans either. I liked the idea, but just not that practical- just a range toy.

I do like suppressors on 9mm AR SBRs though, and have two. If you want quiet I'd go Rugged Obsidian 9, although between it and the other major brands you would have a hard time noticing any difference in performance. If you want small and hearing safe, I really like the Silencerco Omega 9k.