A well deserved shout-out to the crew at XLR Industries- Fantastic Customer Support!


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May 31, 2009
Northwest Oregon
A week ago I stupidly rested my rifle, vertically, against the tailgate of my SUV.
So, of course, it fell over-resulting in a broken release button on my XLR Element chassis.
On Monday morning I called XLR and spoke with Matt in customer support and sales.
Today I received a brand new, updated, folding mechanism at no cost.
It's now installed and working very well. My Element is about 6 years old and has performed flawlessly in the Pacific Northwest muck and New Mexico dust.
Kyle, Matt and Trent have gone above and beyond.
Thanks guys!
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Jul 26, 2019
St. George, UT
Second that! I bought a used gen 1 envy chassis on the exchange, and wanted a thumb rest but my chassis didn’t have the threads tapped and I needed the bubble level replaced. Matt and trent from sales took good care of me and a week later I had the screws tapped and a new bubble level for free! They were awesome to work with and called me back quickly every time I tried to contact them. Awesome CS
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